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Hanging electronic scales VEDIA


UPW-5000 series crane scales
The rane scales offered by Vedicom, Ltd. are designed for weighing products transported by cranes or other similar lifting equipment. Tare function allows measuring the NET weight of the products. The scales are power by bult-in 6V/4.5Ah rechargable battery and an external AC/DC adapter. All the models are equiped with radio remote control for remote execution of functions such as zero, tare, hold and etc. The weigh is displayed on bright LED display with difit size of 30 mm.



DGC series electronic hanging scales with folding hook
DGC series hangig scales are designed for weighing differnet types of products and goods. The scales are small and lightweight and allow easy transportation and storage. Tare functions allow measuring the net weight of the products. The scales are powered by 2 AAA - 1.5V batteries.





  • Household use;
  • Control weighing;
  • Use in various factories;
  • Use in warehouses;
  • Use on building sites;

Max. capacity
Power supply
DGC 10 10 kg 5 g
2 AAA bateries
130 g
102 BGL
DGC 20 20 kg
10 g
2 AAA bateries 130 g
102 BGL
DGC 40 40 kg 20 g
2 AAA bateries 130 g
102 BGL
DGC 50 50 kg 50 g
2 AAA bateries 130 g
102 BGL
UPW 3000
3000 kg
0.5 kg
6V rech. battery
10.5 kg
2160 BGL
UPW 5000
5000 kg
1 kg
6V rech. battery 15.5 kg
2400 BGL
  • UPW series scales are equipped with radio remote control.
  • All prices include VAT.

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